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Smartphones often struggle. They drop calls, they lose coverage. It’s an inconvenience at best, a hazard at worst. You need a dependable phone during an emergency. You'll get exactly that,with Frontier phone service. When you connect with Frontier, you’re connecting to a smart, dependable network that won’t stop working during bad weather. Which phone is smart now?

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Keep your mind on your conversation – not the clock. Frontier home phone offers unlimited nationwide calling. No more keeping track of talk time while you’re on the line. Whether your friends and family are in town, in the country or in another time zone, talk all you want.

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The landline has come a long way. Frontier phone has features that help weed out unwanted calls. You can also get important calls sent right to your mobile phone, if you’re out. Other helpful features include Caller ID and Call Waiting. Frontier has them all.


Upgrade your family’s communication capacity with a Frontier Double Play. Pair Frontier phone service with Internet and discover just how much you’ll save. Call us. We love talking plans, and we can help you pick the best one to fit your family.

Frontier Home Phone:
Crystal Clarity

For web access and on-the-go convenience, smartphones are a hit. But they’re far from perfect.

How frustrating is it when your call is dropped? Or when you move out of a coverage area? And even when you have enough bars – do you have enough battery?

With Frontier phone service, there’s no coverage boundary. There’s just a dependable, underground network with the technology to keep you connected. No matter what.

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Frontier home phone is affordable
Especially bundled with Internet, a Frontier home phone plan is affordable. Use Frontier’s reliable network for Internet and home phone service and avoid sticker shock on your monthly bills. And you can’t beat the value when you consider the features available with Frontier phone.

Frontier phone service is NOT telemarketer-friendly
You can shut the door on telemarketers with features designed to keep those calls away. Frontier home phone features include options to reject calls from anonymous numbers. Sorry, telemarketers. The modern landline technology of Frontier home phone has you figured out.

Safety is key
We know how unreliable mobile phones can be. When you place an emergency call from a Frontier phone, dispatchers know your exact location. That doesn’t happen with a mobile phone. If you have a security system, you’ll also need a dependable landline. Frontier phone service helps make your home safer.

Frontier home phone is kid-friendly
Are your kids too young for a mobile phone? A landline is a must. Plus, it's easier to reach the family on a home number, rather than shuffling through mobile phone contacts.

Frontier is reliable
Your mobile phone is convenient when you’re out and about. But when you’re at home, you’ll face ‘dead zones,’ where you just can’t keep a strong signal. What if the cell phone tower is damaged? What if the weather turns rough? It won’t matter with a dependable Frontier phone service connection!


Who knew a landline could do this much?

Check out the features available when you choose Frontier phone:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Return
  • Call Tracing
  • Speed Calling
  • Busy Redial
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When you add Frontier phone service to Frontier Internet!

You usually have to jump through hoops to save money, right? Not with Frontier. Speak with a Frontier home phone specialist today. They’ll suggest the Frontier home phone and Internet plan that best fits your lifestyle – and budget.

One provider + two services = considerable savings. That’s how it works when you bundle with Frontier. Phone and Internet customers see the difference every month.

Choose fast Internet to download movies, stream music and work from home.

Add dependable home phone with convenient features.

Isn’t it time to bundle with Frontier?

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