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Your smartphone sometimes does dumb things. Like drop calls or lose coverage. Frontier Home Phone doesn’t – and it won’t. Your Frontier Home Phone runs over our smart, dependable network. That means your home phone is smart and dependable, too.

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With Unlimited Nationwide Calling, you can talk to your friends and family wherever they are – down the street or on the other coast. You won’t have to limit your conversations or worry about overages – the only worrying you’ll have to do is thinking about who to call next.

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Fully Functional Features

The great thing about a Frontier home phone? You get the features to combat unwanted callers and forward important calls to your cellphone – all in addition to basics like Caller ID and Call Waiting.

It’s Better In A Bundle

The more you get with Frontier, the more you save. Get both home phone and Internet in a Frontier Double Play to really see savings. Even if you’re not sure which plans you want, call us. We can help you choose.

Frontier Phone:
Make Calling Clearer

Smartphones. Everyone has them. So why get a Frontier phone for your home? Easy. Smartphones aren't always as smart as they sound.

Cell phones drop calls. They have unreliable coverage. They run out of battery fast.

All of these are obstacles a Frontier phone never has to hurdle. Frontier phone service is reliable, because unlike a cell phone provider, it doesn't rely on a coverage area. It relies on a stable, underground network.

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Frontier phone

frequently asked questions

Doesn't a home phone only attract telemarketers?
Telemarketers are a huge part of why a lot of people feel a home phone isn't for them. But did you know that a home phone offers features designed to eliminate unwanted callers all together? Yup, you can set up your Frontier phone to reject calls from anonymous numbers.

Why bother with a home phone when I have a cell phone?
No doubt, a cell phone is a necessity when you're out of the house. But when you're at home, a home phone covers bases your smartphone can't. Like during emergencies when cell phone towers go down. Or when the weather's bad and you can't get service.

What benefits does Frontier phone service have that my cell phone doesn't?
You can't ever be too safe. Getting Frontier phone in your home gives you an extra level of protection. How? If you make an emergency call from your home phone, an emergency dispatcher knows your location immediately. That's not true with a cell phone. Plus, it's perfect for homes with a security system.

I have kids in the house, is it worth it?
A home phone is a great way to have a reliable way to see who's at home without having to call each one of your kids on their cell phone. Plus, if your kids aren't old enough for their own phone, a home phone is a must.

Why would I pay for both a home phone and a smartphone?
A smartphone is pricey you need to pay for storage, data usage and then the actual phone itself. But Frontier phone is super affordable because you can bundle it with Frontier Internet. Bundling is what Frontier does best offering multiple home services for one low price.

What features are available

with Frontier phone service

If you chose Frontier home phone, you can get features like:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Return
  • Call Tracing
  • Speed Calling
  • Busy Redial
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How to bundle
and save

with Frontier phone service

Building a Frontier bundle is a great way to save. So how do you do it?

All you have to do is call. On the phone, our experts can answer all your questions and steer you in the direction of the best Internet and phone plan for your lifestyle.

Bundling saves you money because you're getting two services from the same provider. That means that provider can control both prices, and offer a reduced offer for getting two of them.

Frontier Internet offers fast speeds that make it easy to download videos, photos and work from home. Add Frontier phone to the mix and you've just made your home a fully functional one.

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