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Looking for an affordable internet provider to set your home up with the services you need? You’ve found it with Frontier® Communications. Check availability to see if fiber-fast speeds are available at your address.

What is Frontier Fiber Internet?

Frontier's fiber-optic connection.

    Frontier delivers fiber internet and home phone services to California, Texas, Florida and some other states. Fiber technology powers your home services through pulses of light traveling along thin, clear strands of cable. The pulses of light transfer data from outside servers to your home network. Plus fiber-optics are designed to be resistant to weather and electromagnetic interference.

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    Look for Frontier Fiber® in new neighborhoods across the country.

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    Frontier Fiber Internet

    Do everything fiber-fast. Work, live and play how you want with the power of our 100% fiber-optic network.

    Frontier Internet

    Stay connected to the people and things you love most with confidence. Never worry about data caps or overnight fees.

    Frontier Fiber bundle services

    Here are the services eligible for activation if you have Fiber Internet availability in your area:

    Fiber Internet

    Surf websites, share files, stream videos and more. You can do everything you love on the web with no compromises. Connect with more confidence since Multi-Device Security is included with your internet plan for up to 10 devices.

    Frontier Voice

    Stay connected in every way possible. Cellular call quality can leave a lot to be desired in many residential areas. With Frontier voice service, your conversations will come through loud and clear.