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Frontier Is Coming to An Area Near You!

Looking for a reliable, affordable Internet provider to set your home up with the services you need? You’ve found it with Frontier Communications. California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho are the newest Frontier serviceable states.

Across 28 states, homeowners can enjoy the advantages of Frontier.

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How can you benefit from Frontier Internet?

Montana residents can appreciate the blazing-fast speeds from Frontier Internet.
Washington locals get 24/7 technical support with Frontier Communications.
Oregon homes save big when they bundle Frontier Internet.
Idaho citizens can enjoy great deals on Internet, TV and home phone from Frontier.
California homeowners get dedicated, fast Internet from a trusted provider.

But these benefits aren’t specific to each state. Every state that Frontier serves gets all of these great features. Call now to learn about the options in your area.


man-sitting-with-tabletGet to know Frontier

Oregon, Montana, Washington, California and Idaho are part of the most recent Frontier expansion.

Frontier Communications was founded in 1935 so it has decades of experience in providing the best to its customers. The Frontier workforce is based 100% in the United States.

Check out what you can expect from your Frontier service:

 24/7 technical support: Call any time, day or night, to ask Frontier experts anything about your tech or services.

 Service suspension: Feel free to suspend your service for up to 9 months of the year – great for vacation homes!

 Dedicated Internet: Don’t share with your neighbors and get slowed down – Frontier delivers your Internet right to your doorstep.

 FREE modem: With other Internet service providers, you have to buy or lease your wireless modem. That’s on top of your monthly service costs. Frontier gives it to you free with select bundles.

Save big with a bundle!

Frontier Internet is just the start of great home services. Add home phone and digital TV to your package and triple the savings!

Frontier home phone provides a variety of great features to help you stay connected. No dropped calls. No patchy service. No dying cell phone battery. Get more with Frontier.

Digital TV offers tons of cool settings and options for an easier viewing experience. Get hundreds of HD channels. Access thousands of On Demand movies and shows. Rewind, fast-forward and pause live or recorded TV.

Get more for your money with a Frontier bundle. Multiply the products and multiply the savings. Your monthly savings are just a phone call away.

Order Now!

Call now to order your Frontier Internet package. Frontier experts are ready to help you build your perfect bundle.

Pay zero installation fees when you bundle Frontier Internet with TV, Phone, or both. Even better, your Frontier TV bundle comes with access to 150,000 On Demand titles and Amazon Prime included for 1 year!