Frontier Internet is in Sacramento

Get reliable FiOS services in Sactown.

FiOS is Frontier’s 100% fiber-optic network. We offer great Internet, TV and Home Phone service to residents living in Sacramento, CA. With Frontier FiOS you can do everything you love on the web like browsing popular websites, sharing large files, streaming top entertainment, gaming online or more. When you want to catch up on news, sports or celebrity gossip relax on your couch with Frontier TV in Sacramento.

What is Frontier FiOS?

FiOS stands for fiber-optic internet service. Fiber Internet uses flashes of light against clear wires to transfer data from outside servers to your home network. This means your digital data is communicated at virtually the speed of light! Plus, our 100% fiber-optic network is buried underground, so it’s not affected by inclement weather. What are you waiting for? Switch to Frontier FiOS in Sacramento, CA.

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Frontier FiOS Sacramento Internet Speeds

FiOS 50/50 Mbps

For moderate web users, or small families with light web users connected at the same time. Browse the web, stream in HD picture quality or more. There’s plenty of bandwidth to spare.

FiOS 500/500 Mbps

For contemporary families. Multiple users can accomplish their online tasks or favorite pastimes simultaneously. Plus, sync up your smart home devices with plenty of Wi-Fi capacity to share.

FiOS Gig Service: 940/880 Mbps

For future-focused families, tech-enthusiasts or entrepreneurs. Stream your favorite shows and movies, game competitively, run an online business or more. Anything is possible with Frontier’s fastest speed.

Frontier Bundles in California

Enjoy fast Internet, clear communication and top entertainment in Sacramento.

Frontier Internet and TV

Get the best of both worlds. Top fiber-optic Internet service and access to the hottest entertainment with Frontier FiOS TV. Complete all your online activities, then binge-watch all your favorite shows and movies. Or do both at the same time, we’ll never cap your access.

Frontier Internet and Home Phone

Stay in touch with the people that matter most in every way possible. It doesn’t matter whether your friends and family are across the street or across the country. With Frontier Digital Voice, you can have crystal-clear conversations and enjoy advanced calling features.

Why choose Frontier Internet in CA?

As the capital of California, Sacramento is the heart and soul of California in many respects. Sacramento is also one of California’s largest and most historic cities, and Frontier Communications is ready to deliver big value to Sacramento with our high-speed Internet.

Sacramento Internet bundles enable customers to save big on all of the home entertainment and home communications services that they know and love. Digital TV, home phone and high-speed Internet are taken to the next level when you choose Frontier Communications.

Three Frontier FiOS Services to Choose from in Sacramento

Frontier FiOS Internet

Whether you’re casually browsing the web, crushing online competition, working from home or something in between, we’ve got Internet speeds to fit your lifestyle. Switch to Frontier FiOS Internet and get the reliability you need.

Frontier TV

Fiber-optics doesn’t just power your Internet connection, it delivers Frontier TV too. Get top live TV channels, a library filled with thousands of Video On-Demand titles and seamless Netflix integration.

Frontier Digital Voice

Stay in-the-know with a Frontier landline phone in Sacramento, CA. Whether your friends and family are across the street or across the country, you’ll enjoy a crystal-clear connection. Plus, connect with family and friends in Mexico and Canada.

Frontier Security Suite

Protect your home network and online identity with Frontier Security Suite in Sacramento, CA.

We’ll keep your photos, videos, important documents and music libraries safe. We’ll also monitor your sensitive financial data, work information and home network. Browse, stream or download worry-free with Frontier Security Suite. Give us a call at any time with your technical questions, we’ll be there for you 24/7.

Questions about Frontier? We’ve got answers.

Is Frontier available in my neighborhood?

Yes. Frontier Internet in California is available in Sacramento. Other Frontier locations in California include Los Angeles, Elk Grove, Long Beach and more. Check availability to view plans and pricing at your address.

Can I get a Frontier bundle?

Yes. It’s easy to get a Frontier Internet bundle in Sacramento, CA. Choose the Internet speed that suits your home best, then add Frontier TV, a Frontier landline phone or both when you customize your plan.

Can I only get Frontier Internet service?

Yes. Check availability to find out what’s available at your address, then choose the speed that fits your unique lifestyle. For homes with many connected devices, try out our FiOS Gig Service for $74.99/mo* with max speeds at 940 Mbps. You’ll be able to accomplish anything you want online with plenty of capacity to spare.