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Frontier Internet: Sacramento, CA

As the capital of California, Sacramento is the heart and soul of California in many respects. Sacramento is also one of California’s largest and most historic cities, and Frontier Communications is ready to deliver big value to Sacramento with our high-speed Internet.

Sacramento Internet bundles enable customers to save big on all of the home entertainment and home communications services that they know and love. Digital TV, home phone and high-speed Internet are taken to the next level when you choose Frontier Communications.


With Frontier, customers will never experience a dropped call again. Frontier can make this bold claim thanks to our crystal clear phone call quality that has made for happy customers time and again. Advanced features are made standard at Frontier, and that is why you will enjoy great features like call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID and voicemail.


Sacramento Internet bundles provide the best way to save on our speedy 25 Mbps download speeds. However, our Internet is a great value in and of itself, which makes connecting your home to the Internet easy as can be.

We also give you a two-year price lock guarantee so your rates do not climb. Finally, we add even more customer service by having service representatives available to our high-speed Internet customers 24/7. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.