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Frontier in Hillsboro, Oregon

50/50 Mbps Internet $ 29 99 / mo

Frontier Internet in Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro has rapidly grown to become Oregon’s 5th largest city by staying true to its homegrown agrarian roots. Similarly, Frontier has grown thanks to its unyielding commitment to providing reliable home communications service at an affordable price point.

As evidence of this, our Hillsboro Frontier Internet offers exceptionally fast download speeds that are combined with our exemplary home phone service and Digital TV. All three of these great products are offered together so that you can save big when you choose Frontier Communications.


When you are choosing Hillsboro Internet, Hillsboro FiOS is the best way to go. With Frontier FiOS, Hillsboro customers enjoy the fastest download speeds available, and they also enjoy a dedicated home Internet connection. It’s easy to see why Frontier FiOS Hillsboro customers love their Internet.

The value doesn’t stop there, however, since we also offer a two-year price lock guarantee and no-contract options for maximum flexibility. Finally, all of our Hillsboro FiOS customers enjoy 24/7 technical assistance that is ready, willing and able to solve all of your Internet questions and concerns.

By choosing Frontier, Hillsboro customers will be able to take advantage of our promise that you will never drop a call. By contrast, every call will be distinct and clear, meaning you will enjoy every minute of your unlimited local and nationwide calling.

We also make typically advanced features available in our standard phone service plan, offering great features such as caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding and voicemail. Our Hillsboro Internet bundles will give you the best savings on our home phone, high-speed Internet and Digital TV when you combine all three outstanding services.


With Frontier, Hillsboro will be a safer city when they browse online due to the security Frontier Secure provides our customers. You will receive essential protection for your identity as well as sensitive documents and personal photos, music and movies. Also, you can protect up to three computers, meaning your entire household will likely be protected through Frontier Secure.

Frontier also prides itself on customer service, and that is why we are proud to offer you 24/7 support for all of your security needs when using Frontier Secure.



By choosing Frontier Communications, Hillsboro home entertainment will come to life in new and exciting ways. First, you will immediately notice the stunning HD picture quality thanks to our fiber optics technology, and you will have hundreds of HD channels to watch.

Also, we have a whole-room DVR solution that allows you to watch all of your favorite content at a time that fits your needs. Even better, you can view that content in any connected room thanks to the whole-room DVR technology.

Call Frontier today to find out how we can help meet and exceed all of your home communications needs in Hillsboro.