Frontier® FiberOptic Internet In Your Area

Available in Plano, Texas

Frontier FiberOptic Internet in Plano, TX

Frontier FiberOptic services are available in your area. Residents of Plano living in eligible areas can get Frontier residential services from a 100% fiber-optic network.

Eligible residents of Plano can bundle these three services to build a convenient monthly bill:

  • Network-ready Internet
  • Reliable Home Phone
  • Entertaining TV

Access faster download speeds with FrontierInternet

Local cable providers want residents of the “gymnastics capital of the world” to think that they offer the best Internet around. But cable uses traditional copper wiring and Frontier FiberOptic Internet uses pure fiber-optic cables. Since FiberOptic Internet is powered by fiber optics, your connection won’t be easily interrupted by neighbors who are also online.

Experience entertainment the the way it should be with Fonrtier TV

Frontier TV delivers when it comes to the channels you want to watch. With all-digital and HD channels to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect show or movie to watch anytime. You can even combine  TV with Internet so you can choose from thousands of On Demand titles to download and watch anywhere on your mobile devices.

So, while you’re waiting in line at the Plano Station, Texas Electric Railway, you can stay entertained.

*For the safety and well-being of both our customers and employees, Frontier Communications® is committed to our Safety-First installation process. Due to this, Frontier TV is currently unavailable. Please call in to learn more about your TV options or Safety-First Installation.



Pick up the phone and call us today to speak with a Frontier customer service representative. Our representatives are experts on all things Internet and can help you choose the plan and services that will fit your needs. Make sure you ask about bundling services for a Double Play or Triple Play.