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Lynnwood, Washington

50/50 Mbps Internet $ 29 99 / mo

Frontier Deals for Lynnwood, WA

A hub city that is well known for its shopping, Lynnwood knows a thing or two about a good deal. That is why Lynnwood will be happy to hear about the great savings provided by Lynnwood Internet bundles through Frontier Communications.

With Frontier, Lynnwood customers can enjoy high-speed Internet, home phone and Digital TV at one low price. With all of Frontier’s services, you will receive the features that you need at prices that you will love.


With Lynnwood FiOS, your home Internet will be faster than ever, and your Internet connection will be completely dedicated. In short, this means that you will not have to share your Internet connection and speeds with your neighbors. With Frontier FiOS, Lynnwood’s bandwidth belongs to Lynnwood FiOS customers.

We also take pride in our customer service offered with our Lynnwood Internet. For example, we give you a two-year price lock guarantee that states your rates will no go up during your two-year contract with us.


With Frontier, Lynnwood and its television content just got more interesting. You might expect the crystal clear picture quality and hundreds of great HD channels thanks to our FiOS technology, but it’s our whole-room DVR that steals the show.

You can watch what you want when you want at the press of a button. Then, you can watch your content anywhere in the house that’s connected. Getting connected has never felt this good.

By choosing Frontier Communications, Lynnwood phone calls will become a better experience. You won’t have a dropped call again, making your unlimited local and nationwide calling better than ever.

We also offer several great features like three-way calling, voicemail, caller ID and call forwarding, and these advanced features are available through our standard phone service plan.


When you choose Frontier, you will have a greater sense of peace and comfort online thanks to Frontier Secure. We will provide crucial identity protection while also protecting your sensitive information and data. You can protect as many as three computers, so make sure you take advantage of the benefits of Frontier Secure.

Finally, we provide 24/7 technical support because we understand security questions can come up at any time. That is why we will always be waiting to answer your call when you need us.