Age in Place Happily & Safely in the Digital Age

Technology is user-friendly and certain gadgets can enhance senior's lives by helping them stay independent. Below, we show how seniors are using tech in the home, for health, and in everyday life.

Virtual Assistants

What’s a virtual assistant? It’s an application that uses voice commands to instruct your home’s smart devices. To enable your device, call it by name and vocalize your command.

Apple HomePod

Voice Command: "Hey Siri"

Amazon Echo Plus

Voice Command: "Hey Alexa"

Ranked “smartest digital assistant in the world”

Google Home

Voice Command: "Ok Google"

Home Advancements

How Does Smart Tech Help Seniors?
Seniors can use smart tech throughout their homes by using virtual assistants to control applications. This is especially ideal for people with motor or cognitive difficulties.


Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators have built-in cameras that reveal what’s inside the refrigerator via smartphone. Using this technology eliminates the need to memorize a grocery list, making shopping easier than ever.

Front Entrance Area

There are many options for wireless door locks & security systems that ensure safety throughout your home by monitoring activity and sending notifications to your smartphone.
Smart doorbells will notify you when someone is approaching your home and record any activity that may seem suspicious.


Smart lighting allows you to turn on or off your lights, as well as, adjust brightness with a single voice command.
Health monitoring sensors track toxins in the air and notify you recommendations on maintaining safe air quality.

Living Room

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust room temperature from your smart phone, giving seniors the ability to determine comfortable climate without constantly returning to the thermostat.

Tech for Health & Safety

Smart devices, apps, and wearables help seniors coordinate their health routines in complete safety, giving everyone peace of mind.


Internet-connected smart pill bottle
Glows blue when it’s time to take medication;
Chimes in the event of a missed dose;
Deep studies make it highly recommended by pharmacists.


A digital pill dispenser that unlocks automatically, monitors dosage, and updates caregivers.

Reminder Rosie

A voice-activated talking clock that issues medicine reminders.

Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert

A personal help button that is worn around the neck or wrist and can detect a fall.

Health monitoring sensors

Wearable Sensors communicate physiological data to care providers in real time.

Auto stove shut-off device

Motion sensors assess whether you’ve gone out/forgotten about stove.
Timer turns stove off for your safety.

Tech in Day-to-Day Life

Along with health assistance, smart devices can enable seniors to plan and organize their day-to-day lifestyles with ease.

Apple iPhone

The smartphone voted best for seniors. Why?
Easy to navigate;
Options for large display;
Uses fingerprint to unlock;
Ideal amount of storage

Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator

Leave notes and appointment reminders on the refrigerator’s front digital display; Tracks restock needs and sends grocery list to a participating store for home delivery.

Smart TV

Change channels with voice commands and listen to a talking guide; When shopping, look for a smart TV that is compatible with other household devices

Smarter iKettle 2.0 Wi-Fi Kettle

Everything on this kettle can be controlled from your phone; App shows you water level and temperature (Set to avoid burns); Set a time for water to be ready for daily relaxing drink