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Frontier Internet Speeds

Internet speed makes or breaks your online experience. It determines whether you wait a couple minutes or an hour for a movie to load. Whether the next page is ready the moment you click it or a few moments later. Frontier Internet speed doesn’t disappoint. Get the speed you need for your home from Frontier.

Frontier communications: Internet speed low down

Your household use determines the speed you need for your home. Here are some features that affect your Frontier Internet speed:

  • Number of Devices: More connected devices mean a higher chance of slowed Internet. If you’re connecting more devices, go for a higher speed plan. Help make sure no one’s use is affected by others in the house.
  • Type of Devices: Smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and desktops can all connect to your broadband network. Make sure you have a modem and router that accommodate each device.
  • Activity: Different online actions require different Internet speed. For example, loading a movie takes more broadband than opening an email. If you watch movies, play games, or upload and download large files, a higher Internet speed is recommended.
  • Type of Network: There are two types of networks: shared and dedicated. Cable companies offer a shared network that spreads your Internet connection across the neighborhood. Your neighbor’s use can result in slower speeds for you. With Frontier, DSL speeds are dedicated. They’re all yours, all the time. Frontier sends your Internet signal right up to your doorstep.

Get the Frontier DSL speed that’s right for you. Call now to learn more about Frontier DSL speeds in your area and order your Internet plan.


Added Benefits

Sweeten the deal with a variety of cool benefits from Frontier. All of these awesome extras come included in your order today:frontier fios tv

 1-year price guarantee: Lock in your prices for one year with any Internet bundle you order. Get the peace of mind in knowing your prices won’t change for 12 straight months.

 Free wireless modem: Some companies make you buy a modem or router in addition to your monthly service fees. Frontier doesn’t. Connect up to 10 wireless devices with this free modem from Frontier.

 24/7 technical support: Frontier tech experts are available around the clock for your convenience. Call any time, day or night, with your tech questions or concerns.


Call now to order your Frontier  service package. Get the services you need at an affordable price. Plus, enjoy some added bonuses just for choosing Frontier. A Frontier expert is ready to talk to you, call today!