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Your household use determines the speed you need for your home. Here are some features that affect your Frontier Internet speed:

Number of Devices: More connected devices mean a higher chance of slowed Internet. If you’re connecting more devices, go for a higher speed plan. Help make sure no one’s use is affected by others in the house.

Type of Devices: Smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and desktops can all connect to your broadband network. Make sure you have a modem and router that accommodate each device.

Activity: Different online actions require different Internet speed. For example, loading a movie takes more broadband than opening an email. If you watch movies, play games, or upload and download large files, a higher Internet speed is recommended.

Added Benefits

Sweeten the deal with a variety of cool benefits from Frontier. All of these awesome extras come included in your order today:

  • 2-year price guarantee: Lock in your prices for two years with any Internet bundle you order. Get the peace of mind in knowing your prices won’t change for 24 straight months.
  • Low-cost wireless modem
  • 24/7 technical support: Frontier tech experts are available around the clock for your convenience. Call any time, day or night, with your tech questions or concerns.