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What is Frontier FiberOptic® Internet?

Frontier FiberOptic Internet uses a strong, fiber-optic network to provide Internet directly to your home. If you’re in a Frontier FiberOptic area, get ready for lightning-fast speeds up to 940/880 Mbps. Everyone in your home can use the Internet at the same time with no buffering. Frontier FiberOptic isn’t available everywhere, so be sure to check the plans in your area.

What is Frontier Internet?

When Frontier FiberOptic Internet is not available, our traditional internet provides a secure connection directly to your home. With a direct connection, you don't have to share bandwidth with neighbors like you do with cable Internet. This means your service won't slow down during peak hours.
Why Frontier?
  • No satellite. Bad weather won’t stop you from logging on or watching your favorite shows.
  • No contract. You won’t have to sign your life away to get an Internet plan.
  • 24/7 tech support. In the event of service interruption, call our 24/7 technical support team.
Get the benefits of a bundle
Bundle your Frontier Internet with Frontier Home Phone and get all of your communication needs met.
With just one account, you’ll only have to pay one bill. When you add a home phone connection to your bundle, you can call the people you love.