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What’s the Best Internet for Gaming?


If you’re an online gamer, you need two basic things from your Internet service provider: speed and reliability. Trying to find the best kind of Internet for gaming? What you’re really looking for is Internet with the fastest speeds and the most consistent service.

Why do I need fast speeds for gaming?

When you play video games online, you’re sending large amounts of data between your computer or gaming console and the Internet. The transfer of data uses up a lot of bandwidth – and that requires a lot of speed.

There are several components to Internet speed when it comes to gaming: download speed, upload speed, latency and ping.

Download speed is the speed at which information travels from the Internet to your computer or gaming console.

Upload speed is the speed at which information travels from your device to the Web.

Latency is the delay in sending or receiving a packet of data. Low latency is best for gaming.

Ping is a measure of how responsive your Internet connection is.

Internet speed is important for all kinds of gaming, but especially for real-time, multi-player games. Fast upload and download speeds, low latency and low ping can help you game better, and of course have more fun.

But you don’t just need fast speeds. You also need fast, consistent speeds. You want an Internet connection that’s fast all the time, at any time you want to game.

What speed is best for gaming?

You know that fast Internet is better for gaming. But what does that really mean?

The speed you need depends on the kind of games you play. Real-time, multi-player games operate best at the fastest speeds, while turn-based games may work fine on slower connections. Different sources recommend different speeds: some say that 1 Mbps is the minimum speed required for gaming, while others recommend speeds closer to 6 Mbps.

One thing is certain: faster speeds are better for gaming. And you can get speeds fast enough for gaming from many different types of Internet service.

Fiber-optic Internet, cable and DSL have the best speeds for gaming – and they can all be used to easily create wireless networks, even better for smart gaming consoles. Satellite and dial-up Internet can be used for strategy and turn-based games, but they won’t work well with multi-player games online.

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