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DSL vs. Cable: What You Need to Know

When searching for Internet service, what are you looking for?

In most cases, it’s price. Everyone loves a good deal – and most importantly, to save money (which is why bundles have become so popular in everything from Internet to car insurance). But which is the smartest choice for your Internet service – DSL or cable?

DSL or Cable: weighing the options

DSL and cable. Two Internet services, two different types of technology and two different coverage areas. There’s a lot to talk about with these two, but really all you need to know are the basics.

Take a look at some of the fundamentals of DSL and cable service including availability, speed and price.

Cable vs. DSL availability

Before you get into Internet speeds and price, what you need to know first is what’s available where you live.

Cable availability: Think big cities. Cable is most popular in cities and towns where a lot of people live.

DSL availability: DSL is typically available in both cities and rural areas. It runs on a phone line, so it’s easier to get DSL in areas outside cities.

Cable vs. DSL speeds

Cable speeds: Cable speeds are some of the fastest around (next to fiber optic). A cable connection can support multiple devices, wireless access and tons of streaming.

DSL speeds: DSL speeds are also pretty fast – location is a big factor, but some DSL speeds are actually just as fast as cable.

Cable vs. DSL price

Cable and DSL prices vary by state, by city, by ZIP code and by provider. When looking for a new Internet provider, the best thing you can do is look for a provider with a price-lock or some sort of price stability guarantee – that way you aren’t susceptible to fluctuating rates every year.

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