How to Set Up a Printer

Printers are great tech accessories that can create hard copies of your computer-designed documents. If you’re ready to install a printer at home, follow these simple steps for a smooth setup process: 1. Open and prepare The very first step in Printer setup is to remove its packaging and sort the necessary parts. Your printer…read more.

How To: Watch TV Online

Ever heard of a second screener? You might be one and not even realize it. A second screener is someone that watches TV and is on another device at the same time. It happens all the time. In fact, 44% of Americans use a second screen half of the time they watch TV. You pull…read more.

How to Use Wireless Internet in Rural Areas

Everyone wants to go wireless. It makes sense – it’s more convenient. It’s easier and it’s definitely the way to go if you like to move around – which most of us do. To go wireless, all you need is a wireless router. That goes for rural wireless Internet, too. The different between rural wireless…read more.

How to Maximize Your Internet Speed

No matter what Internet speed you signed up for, sometimes it’s not quite fast enough. Maybe you’ve noticed that pages are taking longer to load, or videos are buffering more. Maybe you just have a feeling that the speeds you’re getting are slower than they should be. That could be because your Internet speed depends…read more.

What’s the Best Internet for Gaming?

If you’re an online gamer, you need two basic things from your Internet service provider: speed and reliability. Trying to find the best kind of Internet for gaming? What you’re really looking for is Internet with the fastest speeds and the most consistent service. Why do I need fast speeds for gaming? When you play…read more.

How to Keep Your Internet Private

We like to share stuff online – pictures, music, musings – but, just because we like to share things doesn’t mean we don’t want our Internet connections to be shared too. You’ve probably shared a Wi-Fi connection at some point – it could’ve been at the airport, at a coffee house or at your doctor’s…read more.

How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

We’re spoiled. We can get news updates the second they happen on Twitter. We can stream TV from just about anywhere with iPads. We can just about do it all. But, it all started with the convenience of Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet gives us the ability to get online anywhere – if you have an on-the-go…read more.