Is My Identity Safe Online?

When you’re posting pictures from vacation, or paying your energy bill or entering your credit card information to buy something online, sometimes you can’t help but think, “Is my identity safe online?” Don’t worry – what follows is good news. Your identity can be safe online. You just have to be smart, have the right…read more.

How to Monitor Your Credit

Everyone knows it’s important to have good credit. Your credit affects your chances of buying a house, taking out a loan, opening a credit card and even getting a job. Good credit makes all that easy. Bad credit, on the other hand, can make your life a lot more difficult. Many things go into your…read more.

How Do I Protect My Identity?

We do a lot online. Because we are so comfortable spending so much time online, sometimes we forget how important it is to protect the information we put out there. That’s where identity protection services come in. Get help from identity protection services Identity protection services check your various accounts to ensure there’s no suspicious…read more.

What is Identity Protection?

Identity protection works to help protect you from hackers and theft of your sensitive data. Identity theft occurs when a criminal acquires your personal information, often in order to steal money or other assets from you. This can happen in a variety of ways, including the following: Dumpster diving: Identity thieves can learn a lot…read more.

What is Cyber Theft?

Learning about cyber theft Cyber theft is when your financial or personal information is stolen via computers. Cyber thieves can target both corporations and individuals. One cyber theft example happened back in 2013, when Target announced that cyber thieves stole the credit and debit card information of nearly 40 million Target shoppers nationwide. How does…read more.