DSL vs. Satellite

First thing’s first: DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. Satellite Internet is a little more self-explanatory. A DSL connection runs through a landline. A satellite Internet provider, as its name suggests, uses satellites (both on earth and in space) to deliver an Internet connection. What else is different about a DSL connection and a satellite…read more.

DSL vs. Dial-up

Anytime you’re comparing an Internet service to dial-up, the conversation will always come back to one thing: speed. Dial-up, once the most popular way to get online (remember AOL dial tones?), is now the slowest Internet service out there. It’s not that dial-up has gotten slower over time – it’s just that newer and faster…read more.

Broadband vs. DSL

The biggest difference between broadband and DSL? Well, there isn’t really one because broadband isn’t a type of Internet – it’s a way to describe it. Broadband means fast – a particular kind of fast. Any Internet service can be classified as a broadband connection as long as its download speeds are faster than 256…read more.

DSL vs. Cable: What You Need to Know

When searching for Internet service, what are you looking for? In most cases, it’s price. Everyone loves a good deal – and most importantly, to save money (which is why bundles have become so popular in everything from Internet to car insurance). But which is the smartest choice for your Internet service – DSL or…read more.