What is Java?

Java is more than just coffee. In the computing world, Java is programming language. Just like we use words to create sentences, developers use Java to create applications and build programs. If you’ve heard of Java, you’ve also probably heard of JavaScript – but besides sharing similar names, the two don’t have too much in…read more.

What Are Cookies?

In computing terms, a cookie is much different from the sweet treat you might associate with the name. Computing cookies are small text files sent and returned on a server. The files can then be stored on a user’s computer. They are used to identify a user or track their access to a network. Cookies…read more.

What’s the Difference between 3G and 4G?

If you have a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, you probably use 3G or 4G Internet to get online. But what do 3G and 4G actually mean – and what’s the difference between them? Let’s take a look. 4G vs. 3G Internet The “G” in 3G and 4G Internet stands for generation. It’s how…read more.

What is Dial-Up Internet?

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about what dial-up Internet is – mostly because it’s the oldest Internet technology still in use. Everyone remembers the AOL dial tone. It’s one of the most famous noises associated with the rise of the Internet. That’s what most people think of when they think of…read more.

What’s the Best Internet for Laptops?

This is a trick question. Of course, the best Internet for laptops is fast Internet – but that’s not the whole story. The whole point of having a laptop is mobility. You have a laptop so you can get online from your couch, your porch, your kitchen, bedroom, living room – wherever. So the best…read more.

What are Megabits?

Do you know how fast a dial-up connection is in relation to a fiber one? Or what download speeds you need to watch a movie without buffering? It all comes back to Mbps – or megabits-per-second. Megabits-per-second is simply the way that we measure Internet speeds. The more megabits, the faster. The fewer megabits, the…read more.

What is a Domain?

Your last name (or surname) tells others what family you belong to. You’re a Smith or a Jones or a Watson – whatever it may be. Your first name is what tells people what specific Smith/Jones/Watson you are. Leslie Smith, or Robert Jones or Elizabeth Watson. Domain names work the same way. How to read…read more.