iTunes Troubleshooting

Glitches happen. It could be an issue with your Internet connection, your actual computer or – more than we would like to admit – sometimes its user error. If you’re an iTunes user, then you know the usual issues – you can’t get iTunes to open, or maybe you forgot the answer to your security…read more.

How-To: Create an iTunes Playlist

There’s music you listen to when you’re working out. And when you’re just waking up. And when you’re driving. Each occasion calls for a different type of music. That’s where custom playlists come in. Setting up a playlist couldn’t be easier. Once you have iTunes installed and your library up-to-date, it only takes a few…read more.

How to Import Music Into iTunes

You need music a lot of the time in a lot of different places. Before you can take your favorite songs with you, you first have to get them into iTunes – fortunately all the iTunes help you need to import songs is right here. There are a couple different ways you can import music…read more.

How to Install iTunes

“Installation.” It’s a word that most of us try to avoid. It implies frustration and complication – especially when it comes to technology. So what do you do when you need to install software? Not all software is tough or time consuming to install – like iTunes. iTunes Installation: what you need to know First…read more.