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Frontier Secure:
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Protect your data, devices and more.


Bundle for Personal Security

The options are strong and varied:

  • Premium Technical Support
  • Whole Home Protection
  • Computer Security
  • Backup and Sharing

Frontier Secure doesn’t leave your safety to chance.
Which security bundle fits you best?

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Free Installation

No hassles here. Get free installation on all double and triple plays when you call Frontier today.

Free Wi-Fi Router on select bundles

Turn your home into a hot spot with a router from Frontier. Get your Wi-Fi Router for free with select bundles from Frontier.

Frontier Secure:
Protection Where You Need It

Feel confident about your online activities with Frontier. Identity protection, antivirus and parental controls help secure your data and network. You can shop, work, share, store and more.

Keep your data, devices and equipment safe with Frontier Secure.

Frontier Support:

Security At Every Step

Frontier Secure isn’t one-size-fits-all. But there are some features that can help all Frontier Internet users. One is Backup and Sharing.

Need to save important photos or work documents? It’s crucial to keep those files secure. Frontier Secure backs up your documents. Share from any web-enabled device. You can:

  • Share on social network platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Access your documents on any Internet-enabled device
  • Back Up from as many as three devices
  • Store files from all three devices with unlimited cloud space

Protect Your Identity

The Internet makes so much of the world accessible. It makes it possible to shop, work, play and more. But it also contains a lot of hidden threats. That’s where Identity Protection comes in.

Need to save important photos or work documents? It’s crucial to keep those files secure. Frontier Secure backs up your documents. Share from any web-enabled device. You can:

  • Consultation before or after an attempt at your identity
  • Detection of fraudulent activity, right away
  • Notification of no suspicious activity, delivered monthly by email
  • Analysis of your credit report from three agencies

Premium Technical Support

You’ll get U.S.-based help when you call Frontier technical support. Reach them 24 hours a day, seven days a week for:

  • iTunes installation and training
  • Computer security diagnostics and tune-ups
  • Wireless home network setup
  • Troubleshoot devices and modem
  • Printer hook up
  • Unlimited support calls

Equipment Protection Plan

Most families have Internet access on more than just their personal computer. Web users invest in expensive devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Frontier offers flexible plans to protect your family’s devices:

  • Personal device protection offers protection for a device, such as HD monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and more
  • Personal multi-device offers protection for accidental damage to controllers, eReaders, gaming systems and more
  • Whole home protection Protection for not just computers, but also for tablets, gaming systems, TVs, and more

Personal Security Bundle

Do you have many different devices? Frontier Secure has a plan to keep you covered:

  • In The Clouds It’s where Frontier backup stores your files
  • On Your Devices Choose as many as three for protection
  • Across The Board Covers online activity, backup and sharing

Not all protection plans fit everyone. Frontier Secure options are inexpensive and comprehensive. And they give you peace of mind while you’re online.

Call today and you can pick out a Frontier Secure plan to add to your Internet plan.

Which Frontier Secure plan fits your Internet plan best?