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Enjoy the freedom, the fun and the affordability of FiOS TV.


Experience state-of-the-art connectivity with Frontier FiOS.

FiOS Internet delivers the future of connecting today! What makes 100% fiber-optic technology different?

Dependability. Fiber-optic cables carry data and deliver bandwidth over long distances. Coaxial cables don’t measure up.

Utility. Fiber-optic cables are like a wide-open, four-lane highway. They carry more data and more bandwidth than coaxial cables.

Flexibility. If you need more bandwidth in the future, fiber-optic cables can accommodate. Copper cables are closer to extinction than progression.

It’s no contest when you connect with Frontier. FiOS gives your laptop and smartphone an extra speedy boost when you’re online. It's the same story for tablets, eReaders and other devices too.

Isn’t it time you cut the cable and switch to FiOS?

Why choose Frontier FiOS Internet?

You can surf at speeds as fast as 35Mbps with Internet from Frontier. FiOS technology makes the difference. Choose fast, reliable Internet. Choose Frontier.

HD movies, in a flash

What can 35Mbps deliver? Find out with Frontier. FiOS Internet on a 100% fiber-optic network allows you to connect with more devices at one time. And you can download an HD movie in minutes – not hours.

Photos, in a snap

Watching the clock tick when you download with a cable connection is a thing of the past. Do what you want to do online – faster. Download high-resolution photos from the homecoming game or holiday get-togethers in seconds. It's possible with Frontier FiOS.

A connection for everyone

Bring your laptops, your tablets, your smartphones – even your PCs. More than one device can connect at a time with Frontier FiOS Internet. And you won’t slow each other down.


Frontier FiOS Internet - Speed Is Just The Start

Frontier FiOS Internet is fast and carries enough bandwidth to provide a few more perks. If you live in a Frontier FiOS serviceable area, you're in for an array of impressive extras.

Frontier Secure® Protects You Online

Frontier Secure is a suite of protection software designed to keep you safe online. It helps protect your identity, devices, data and more.

Computer security for Mac and PC

Keep your devices safe with Frontier FiOS Internet.

  • Firewall. Keeps hackers away from your data
  • Parental controls. Gives you control over what your kids can access online
  • Virus/spyware protection. Malicious code is kept away from your devices
  • Spam/phishing safeguards. Maintains a tidy inbox and protects against phishing schemes

Backup and sharing

  • Remote access. Get to your files at home from any web-enabled device
  • All the backup you need. How does unlimited backup sound to you?
  • Backups for everything. Microsoft Office documents, photos, videos, music – anything important to you
  • Sharing. Put it in the Cloud and share it with whoever you want
  • Post it. pload your photos and videos to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

Identity protection

  • Unlimited professional consultation. This includes help to prevent fraudulent activity in the first place.
  • Restoration and recovery. Get consumer advocacy, fraud assessment, and support to remedy the damage from identity theft.
  • Routine safeguarding scans. Frontier Secure monitors your street addresses, email addresses, and name. It also keeps tabs on phone numbers, and Social Security number on billions of public records.
  • Triple Bureau monitoring and alert. Your identity protection covers reports from the leading credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

Technical Support

  • Network support. Let Frontier lend a hand to set up equipment, such as gaming adapters, laptops, routers, tablets, and more.
  • 24/7 assistance. Every technician who helps you is based here in the U.S.
  • Troubleshooting. Have an issue connecting your computer or wireless device? Get diagnostics and repair assistance from a live technician.
  • Hardware. We’ll walk you through setup for your printer, scanner, zip drive, and more.

Equipment protection

  • Personal Device Protection. Perfect if you’re the only one in your home who goes online. It protects a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, and their accessories.
  • Personal Multi-Device Protection. Are spouses, kids, and others in your family online on several devices? This protects more than one computer, eReader, laptop, or tablet, and their accessories.
  • Whole Home Protection. The high-tech family needs this protection! It covers flat-panel TVs and original remote controls. It also protects your computers, eReaders, laptops, tablets, and their accessories, too.

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