Frontier® FiberOptic Internet Services

Join the 100% fiber-optic network powered by Frontier Communications.

Why choose Frontier FiberOptic Internet?

Choose fiber-fast internet. Choose Frontier FiberOptic Internet.

HD movies, in a flash

Frontier FiberOptic Internet on a 100% fiber-optic network allows you to connect with more devices at one time. And you can download an HD movie in minutes – not hours.

A connection for everyone

Bring your laptops, your tablets, your smartphones – even your PCs. More than one device can connect at a time with Frontier Internet. And you won’t slow each other down.

Experience state-of-the-art connectivity with Frontier FiberOptic Internet.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet delivers the future of connecting today! What makes 100% fiber-optic technology different?

  • The Fiber-Optic Network. Fiber-optic cables carry data and deliver bandwidth over long distances.
  • Utility. Fiber-optic cables are like a wide-open, four-lane highway. They carry the data and more bandwidth you need.
  • Flexibility. If you need more bandwidth in the future, fiber-optic cables can accommodate.

A Fiber-Optic Connection

Speed is just the start.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet is fast and carries enough bandwidth to provide a few more perks. If you live in a Frontier FiberOptic serviceable area, you’re in for an array of impressive extras.