High Speed Internet Services: Frontier

50/50 Mbps Internet $ 29 99 / mo

Frontier Communications

High-Speed Internet and Incredible Savings

A dedicated Frontier connection to your home means you’ll enjoy lightning-fast Internet speeds. A menu of plans lets you choose the perfect high-speed Internet package for your online lifestyle.

Frontier’s services aren’t just  all about megabytes. You’ll have the same low price for 12 months when you choose Frontier Communications. High-speed Internet has never been easier.


The Internet is media-rich and fast-moving. You need a service provider who can do the heavy lifting. Frontier high-speed Internet allows you to: Watch movies, Read blogs, news sites and more. You can also: Post photos, videos and more!

Frontier Secure keeps you safe online

You can do so much with high-speed Internet. Frontier provides the power and protection. Bank online, work online, or just update social networks online? Frontier will watch over your data and security. Check out the safeguards in place with Frontier high-speed Internet:

For the family:

Parental Controls. Customize Frontier Secure to limit access to certain sites at particular times of day. Or block access altogether. The power is in your hands.

URL blocking. Keep your family off certain sites. Frontier Secure gives you peace of mind when the kids are online without your supervision.

For your data:

Backup and Sharing. It’s easy to share family photos, work documents and personal projects. Frontier Secure will also back up all your updates.

Auto-updates. Antvirus software needs constant updates to combat the latest web threats. Frontier secure keeps your safety tools up-to-date.