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Frontier Wireless Internet

A New Kind of Freedom

Are you sick of feeling like a prisoner to your slow Internet connection? Tired of waiting forever for movies to buffer or work documents to load?

Trade in your old connection for one that offers the freedom you need. With Frontier, you can enjoy your time online again. Frontier Wireless Internet gives you the freedom to access the Internet from any room in your house.

Why choose Frontier wireless Internet?

What sets Frontier wireless Internet apart from the competition? For one, Frontier lets you enjoy high-speed Internet service on your own terms. From incredible online entertainment features to reliable tech support, Frontier has your back.

– Watch TV online. With Frontier Wi-Fi, you can easily stream TV on your laptop or tablet. Watching TV online means you don’t have to worry about recording your favorite shows – you can simply watch them whenever you want.

– Better sports coverage with ESPN3. With ESPN3, you’ll get even more of your favorite sports programming. ESPN3 lets you watch live sports events on any device that it is connected to your Frontier network.

Of course, these are only some of the benefits of Frontier wireless Internet. Frontier also offers impressive security features to protect your computer, information and identity online.



Protect your family. Frontier Secure helps protect your kids and teenagers, even when you’re not at home. You can set parental controls for your Frontier wireless Internet in order to block certain sites and activity. You can also set parental controls unique to different devices, so you can protect your personal computer differently from the laptop your children use.

Protect your identity. Protecting your identity now can save you a lot of time and headache later. Frontier Secure offers credit monitoring, credit analysis from three credit bureaus and unlimited consultations. You can also get full restoration and recovery, in the event that your identity is compromised.