What is FiOS?

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Basic TV, 50/50 Mbps Internet & FiOS Digital Voice $ 64 98 / mo

What is FiOS?

FiOS represents the latest in communications technology – at a price to fit your budget. Fiber optics delivers blazing-speed and a wealth of entertainment right to your home.

FiOS is a cut above cable Internet and its antiquated copper wiring. Hair-thin flexible glass strands create the fiber-optic network. Data moves by pulses of light hundreds of times faster than traditional cables. You get more of what you love online – without waiting for it.

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FiOS Internet and FiOS TV

What can you expect with a FiOS Double Play or Triple Play? You’ll get Internet fast enough to download movies in minutes. FiOS Internet carries speeds that cable just can’t touch.

Connect multiple devices with FiOS Internet. It carries enough bandwidth for several users at once to stream, game, download and more. Don’t get stuck with the buffering and lag time common with cable.

If your FiOS bundle includes TV, you’re in for an awesome experience. Get unmatched clarity of HD channels on a fiber-optic network. Watch your favorite teams, blockbuster movies and popular TV series. You’ve never seen them like this before.

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Now you can get fiber optics for your home. FiOS coverage reaches several U.S. cities. To check into the FiOS Triple Play and other bundles – call us today. Our knowledgeable agents can check your address for service. What’s available in your neighborhood? Call today!


Should you pick a FiOS Double Play, with Internet and TV or home phone? Want to get all three services with a FiOS Triple Play? Either way, you’ll have access to a fast and dependable fiber-optic network for services you depend on every day.

Save money when you subscribe to multiple services from one carrier. Get it all from Frontier with a FiOS bundle. You’ll enjoy the convenience of just one affordable bill.

Which plans can you get in your neighborhood? Call us, and we’ll build a FiOS Triple Play or FiOS Double Play bundle you’ll love. Call us today!